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Technique! Technique!

SUBJECTIVE!! This is one of the most important thing I have learned in this class. For four long years I have been beaten to death with the standard five paragraph, no I, no opinion, no anything. This was hard to deprogram out of myself. My final paper was completely subjective and I love it. I was able to think more outwardly and see ideas through, oddly enough, my own eyes. Writing subjectively is the most important technique for a writer. Its practice, and it also keeps your mind working, formulating ideas and how to say them. I also learned that a "normal" paper every week is the equivalent to hell. I got sick of just writing paragraphs. For my last paper I wrote and script and for my final a book, though it wasn’t entirely what I wanted it to be. Another technique I learned was actually the whole point of the class. Literacy. I used to say , "I'm an oxymoron, all i can do is read in write. Hell, at least I am literate" Now i see that that statement is very wrong. I am extremely literate and still possibly an oxymoron, but to only know literacy is less than idiotic. Literacy is the best possible thing to have. Someone can have all the knowledge in the world but without being able to interpret it, that knowledge is useless. Another very important skill I’ve learned is to stay on task. I tend to digress…a lot. I learned how to focus my papers and not miss the idea.  

thesis statement

The literary Goth is a subculture bases on and interperted by Gothic Literature and many other aspects of new and old age Goth. My sub-culture is a division of the Gothic Culturer. I perfer to call the simpliest form of my culture the Virgin Goth which is where every goth starts. Later all Goths will either evolve into a division of the Gothic culture or simply become something else and eliminate goth.

Literacy: What is Goth?

How do you know a Goth is a Goth? Sure there many types of Goth but they all started somewhere. To understand an evolved level of Goth you must understand the purest form of Goth. All Goths started somewhere. Usually this is in your local Hot Topic. The average wardrobe consists of baggy Tripp pants and tee shirts with some kind of design or flat black. Hair, nails, make-up, sock...everything is black. The purest form of Goth has not yet evolved to a higher level, therefore stick with what they know. Black. This is a very easy way to identify a Goth. There is a flaw though; Tripp pants are not cheap and most virgin Goths are around the age of thirteen, a new wardrobe is not easy to obtain, especially because they rely on Hot Topic. A good way to read a person is go into their house and especially their bedroom. In a virgin Goths room you might find objects that look like Halloween decorations, for examples: Skulls, bats, which are two physical icons in Goth. Look at the books they own, odds are they are related to Vampires, Monsters, or Horror. You may also find a guide to Goth. What is on their walls? Do you see rock band posters? Sure rock band posters could be relevant to all sub-cultures but in a room with other Goth objects it could be relevant. Keep looking at the walls. Do you see pictures of mythical creatures of dark settings? If you do you have entered the realm of the virgin Goth! So what is a Goth? A Goth is person who is drawn to the macabre and darker things.

This is an example of what a what a virgin Goth may look like

Local Hot Topic!

Perfect example of a Hot Topic Kid

Halloween costume interpertation

Halloween, that acctual day means nothing to me. Its lost meaning over the years and now these damn little kids in stupid, mundian costumes ring my door bell and piss my dog off. I celebrated today's Halloween lastweekend, I went to a party where the hotessess husband was dressed at the Cardinal with blackhole eyes and scared the hell out of me, I will never be able to take comunion now.Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in and going to see Saw 5, I am a transendentalist, i dont make plans.I dressed up as a sluty Alice in Wonderland, not exactly a big surprise. How is this an extention of myself?

I see it this way, and you will now have an explaination to why I feel connected with Alice. Of course the story is a metephore. I see it paralleled to my life, I am only covering Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The Rabbit Hole: Puberty of course, that rabbit whole was something different and strange to Alice, what she found was not something entierly pleasent. My Puberty ended up being a hellish nightmare that manages to give me PTSD and BPD. The rabbit whole I ventured down should have had a disclaimer.
Eat Me, Drink Me: This is representative to my parents alcoholism. Now their attitudes during their periods of sobriety brought me up and durning their periods of drunkeness I felt very small. The pool of tears when Alice was big brings out her childish side, but when she became small again she was in a sea of her tears. As a young teenager I experienced highs and lows, usually the highs were just a less low period. As most children at the age of 12 I was very sad, my choices now have me metephorically dorwning in a pool of tears.
The Cheshire Cat: My judgement, which seemed to have appeared and reappeared throughout my young life, like the cheshire cat. Even as a child my judgement seemed to be metephoric.
The Mad Tea Party: I like caffinee I have always liked Caffieen, for a while i had a small problem with NoDoz, YellowJackets, and for a small time Aderal. Now its energy drinks and coffee. This came about when i started writing and i rejected time of all sorts. All of this combined can lead to insomnia, where, like in Wonderland, things become all sorts of nonsence.
"OFF WITH THEIR HEAD": This is a product of the unconciouse and conciouse. Brain washing was involved in my young teens, and thats all I will say. After this horrific bond was broken, it was like my head was gone. i began to cling to others, still not finding my head, after a few years I found it...it was in a box of coco puffs.

Confused?? I bet you are. Well I am Alice, thats all you need to know. Buy my Biography when i die, it will make sence then.

Literary Goth Fashion

The Literary Goth Fashion is based of the Victorian Age (Voltaire referred to it as Romanti Goth in his What is Goth?).  Victorian Age cloth consists generally of elegant dresses with billowing skirts or some damnable contraption that made them look like a Pegasus, long black hair, pointy shoes, and pale skin, at least for the women. The men of the period would wear knickers, poofy shirts, tall riding boots and tail coats ( I think, not sure if they are called tail coats), or very aristocratic suits and top hats. In today’s Gothy world no one pays that much money for an authentic whale bone corset to hide it under clothing. Victorian style has been manipulated in today's culture. Women's attire is usually a long black skirt, usually billowing, a corset, cape, pointy, or any, boots of some sort. They wear very elaborate jewelry, and usually a sentimental pendant of some sort, I personally wear a butterfly pendant. Make up usually is a large amount of pancake make up and elaborate eyeliner creations. Sometimes you can find a parsole floating around them. Boys on the other hand usually try to recreate the look of Lestat. This is what was worn in the time that Gothic Literature got its start and is usually a setting or a character attire. In many stories, especialy gothic fiction, vampires are modeld after victorian age people.

Reading Goth

Literacy is the interpretation of the world around you. In my life I have been able to interpert the world through experience and knowledge. When I was about eight years old, inconveniently around the time of the Colombine shooting, I told my mother, I wanted to be a Goth. At the young age I was at I had no life experience or any useful knowledge. As life went on I never let go of my Gothy aspiration. I was able to learn about the pop goth culture and drew small amounts of information. Of course the idea of trench coats and camo jeans never escaped my impressionable young mind. As I approached middle school I aslo made the God awful mistake of approaching a Hot Topic on my thriteenth birthday and bought my first pair of Illiage pants and a black tee shit that said, "Protected by Vampires" ( that was a good shirt). This is where i began my lessons of Goth Literacy. Though my topic is Gothic Literacy I will veer off track from the formalities and be slightly less concerned about the literature aspect. I went to school in my big pants and awsome shirt and there, I met a boy. Here is where I realy f*cked up. This boy (emphasis on BOY) dressed like me and like some of the starter Goth things. I also learned as the relationship went on the he was a prick drug addict who was no help at all for my metabolism or sleeping habits. To all the kiddies out there speed is a hard drug to kick. Lesson one, just because it looks like a Goth doesnt mean in anyway that this person is good for you. Lesson two was introduced in MGM studio's in Disney Land! I had just gotten off of the Tower of Terror, and there before me was either a very sexy man or a very ugly woman, I took my chances and approched it and found him to be a very sexy man. He was also dressed Gothy, but didnt wear big pants, he had on shorts I think. I spent the whole day with my new found Goth friend from South Africa names SJ, and found a good Goth. Later he became a heavy drinker. I might not be saying much about my subculture right now but dont worry, good will surface soon. So after many encouters with stupid people I learned to make sence of their personalities. Words such as, "party", "3 some" and "hey look at this!" were usually warning signs for me to go away. As I got older I realized clolths didnt make a Goth a Goth, cloths are a minisquel part of the culture. I started to read manerisms that met Goth standards. If I saw someone willingly reading Frankenstine it was a good sign, if I saw a girl listening to nightwish, it was a good sign. Due to experience and knowledge I was able to read a Goth and got over the steriotypes. And to all parents just because your kids wear camo pants and trench coats doesnt mean they are secretly homocidal and if they are its your fault.

Goth Chic

The book that best describes Gothic culture is Goth Chic. Goth Chic is a book on all the aspects of the Gothic culture. I would demand readers to pay special attention to the section on Literature. The section on literature contains the original piece of Goth literature; The Castle of Otranto. I believe that Goth culture is rooted in Gothic literature. This book gives a wonderful mini biography and most popular book list of the classis. The rest of the book I would consider to be subjective, like most Goth culture is. There is a detailed time line on movies from The Cabinet of Dr. Calligari to Interview with the Vampire. Music is another subject touched on thoroughly in the book but due to the British origin the music content is very limited. Cradle of Filth is a main stream Goth band (according to the book) that is big in Goth culture. I would tell "George" that Goth has a wide variety of music and not to isolate his foreign ears only to British Death/Goth metal. A chapter on Fashion is included but again Goth fashion is not entirely confined to a specific genre of Goth. The book has a plethora of subjects that give an outline of what Goth is.  The books introduction also gives a history on what Goth is, again it is completely subjective. The book is also full of pictures. These pictures may make "George" very happy or very scared. Im sure "George" will be going back to Mars wearing all black and reading Shelley and Byron.


Goth is the unltimate sub culture. You might be asking why? Gothic culture has just about anything you are looking for. There are a wide variety of styles and divisions of the sub culture. A bounus is you never have to separate your laundry because it is all black or dark. Goth is very rich in history and literature. Goth exceeds many boundries, even an earthly one. If you can find the Hot Topic Goths you can convience their neive little minds that you are a vampire and have yourself a fun little cult. Decor is always easy to find, once Halloween rolls around you have an ample supplie of skull lights and plastic or stuffed bats. In the Goth culture just about anything you listen to goes, simply because there are so many goth bands its impossible to know them all. Being goth requires little work because, our beloved Voltiare has supplied us with guids to lead us in the right direction (read carefully though, they might be a product of Hot Topic). Goths are very able to pick fun at themselves. The sterio type is that all Goths are sad and depressed, that is acctually very wrong, we tend to be perky out going people and given enough coffee and alcohol are known to do some highly outrageous things; such as ride a broom, or jump in a hot tub fully clothed singing the rubber ducky song. Did I mention Goths have a plethera of themed rubber ducks? That alone is enough reason to join.
To prove that Goths can make fun of themselves, here is a song by Voltaire.

Converting to Goth will make you a better and smarter person. Most Goths have a specific subject they are enthralled with, if not many. For fear of being mocked, which will happen, knowing what the other person is talking about is a good thing, When you have your own interest you will be able to maked your Gothy friends look like morons just like they made you.
In the Goth sub culture just about anything goes as long as your in the boundries. If you only choose to dress like a Goth on weekends, I know the corsets and boots are a pain in the ass, thats ok, just keep your auroa of goth and all will be well.
Here are some pictures of Goth people and stuff.

photosCollapse )

To give you a picture of a Goth is impossible, because there are so many Goths. People that are not Goth are adorned in Hot Topic apparele and think they are vampires. I'm not completely running down Hot Topic, occasionaly I find something I like there but the die hard Hot Topics ARE NOT GOTH!!! 

Goth staturates in the media. There are books, movies, cartoons, music, and everywhwere you go you can find something Goth, if your looking. The movie trailers I have posted are of the movie Gothic and Quills. Gothic is about the creation of the book Frankenstine. Mary and Percey Shelley, Claire Clairmont, and Lord Byron. They are in Byron's castle in Geneva and they go through a dimented journey of their greatest fears. The movie is extreamly graphic and not for week stomaches. The movie Quills is an interpertation of Marquis de Sade's life in the assylum and his passion for writing. Though the movie is not completely historically correct, not at all realy, but the movie is still goth. Quills is another movie that I am particuarly fond of. The movie is a toned down version od Sade's life. I love how his passion was represented, how his will to write was so powering and inspireing. The character's personality I also found very intruiging. The movie did not portray Sade well but as far as passion goes, most goths are passionate about something, the movie is fasinating.

Sade = Sadeist

The Marquis de Sade was the most sexually brilliant man to ever live. He created fetishes that are around still in todays world. His literature began by passing out paphlets on sexual desires, of course under a pen name. Like most men, Sade married, unlike most men, Sade slept with his sister in law. Sade slept with many women. His down fall was when he had taken two whores to his family's ruined castle. To Sade's great dismay his purchases had died, over doesing on the aphrodesiac spanish fly. He was then sent to the Bastille. He was unable to fufill his sexual desieres, therefore he wrote them down. After a few years a filtering in and out of jails and asylums he had a wonderful collection of pornogrphic novels, such as, 120 Day's of Sadom, Justine and Josephine, and Incest. An interesting fact is that while Sade was in asylums he had the inmates perform his debacherouse plays. Sade will be forever known as an icon in Gothic literature, simply because he brought about our darkest fanticies. The book I have read is incest. The book is about a father who is inlove with his daughter and vice versa. The book was not esspecially well writen. I personally do not like the writing of Sade, it is too wordy and some things dont make much sence. I do love Sade though, his life is fasinating. If you have a strong stomach his books are in the Kent Library.